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About Us


RCEA is a collection of educators, both teachers and service personnel, who are committed to standing up for public schools and advocating for educators and students.

We fight for a strong public education system and for the welfare of our students, their families, and communities.

We believe a quality public education is a great equalizer for our children and youth, providing opportunities for a more successful life for our students, and laying the foundation for stronger democracy as we train the next generation to become educated, involved citizens in their nation and communities.

Our Core Values

These principles guide our work and define our mission:

Equal Opportunity
We believe public education is the gateway to opportunity. All students have the human and civil right to a quality public education that develops their potential, independence and character.

We believe employee rights play an integral role in maintaining a quality public education system. Therefore, we advocate for the interests and working conditions of our members.

We believe the expertise and judgment of education professionals are critical to student success. We maintain the highest professional standards and we expect the status, compensation and respect due all professionals.

We believe individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good. As education professionals, we improve both our professional status and the quality of public education when we unite and advocate collectively.

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