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WVEA Endorsements

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

These endorsements are for the Primary Election. All primary winner will be sent a questionnaire before the November General Election and then endorsements will be made for that race, so it is possible for someone who didn't turn in a questionnaire during the primary endorsement timeline to turn in one in the fall and receive an endorsement for the General Election.

In addition to these recommendations by WVEA, RCEA has endorsed current Raleigh County Board of Education Members MARSHA SMITH and GORDIE ROOP for re-election. The Board of Education and State Supreme Court are nonpartisan elections (no political party is listed on the ballot) and will be decided in the May Primary Election.

For candidates running for Congress (House of Representative and U.S. Senate) WVEA makes recommendations, but NEA will make final endorsements.