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Updated: Jan 24

Attached below are the recommendations made by the Employees Benefits Committee to the Board of Education Tuesday, January 23. Each committee made their recommendations and the Board will be working to decide which recommendations to included in the levy call. Several items will need to be removed since the total of all the recommendations exceeds the amount of money available for the levy. The Board will approve the final levy call Feb. 13, 2024. The meeting will be open to the public as always.

A new Friends of Raleigh County Schools Committee was formed that will work to publicize the need for the levy, educate voters on all the good it does, promote, raise money, advertise, and campaign for the renewal of the levy. Members can contact former RCEA president Wendy Peters if you would like to join or help support the committee.

Employee Committee Recommendations to the BOE for the Levy
Download • 18KB

RCEA has members on each of the five excess levy committees representing our members as the committees make recommendations for the new levy. Committee presentations will be delivered at the Raleigh County Board of Education meeting Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Colleen Broyles and John Quesenberry represented RCEA on the Employee Benefit Committee.

Nikki Glende represented RCEA on the Athletics/Coaching/Bus Trips committee.

John Quesenberry represented RCEA on the Student Instructional Supports Committee.

Amber Hart represented RCEA on the Committee for Summer School and Community Services.

Jo Frost represented RCEA on the Student Services, Facilities, and Transportation Committee.

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