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Join Project Bullwinkle!

Join members from RCEA at a Conference to learn techniques and make plans to strengthen our locals, build membership, develop leadership, and engage members for collective power. Be a part of the movement to improve our schools and build respect for the profession. This is a great chance to become active members, leading the charge to make our schools the best they can be and empowering teachers to lead the way in giving our students the opportunities for success they need and deserve. We need your voice and want to give you the vehicle to help lead the changes you want to see.

We will be participating with other WVEA members from Mercer, Mingo, Kanawha, Jackson, Mason, and Mineral counties.

To join us or ask questions, contact either:

John Quesenberry - or (304) 222-0271

Chris Arbogast - or (304) 932-5299

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