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Members and Building Rep Meeting - Aug. 31

RCEA will be hosting a meeting to share information and discuss your concerns about the reopening of schools in Raleigh County and how it is going. The meeting will be on Zoom, Monday, Aug. 31 at 7:30 pm for members and ARs (association/building reps). Your building rep received the Meeting ID and passcode to share with you. You can also email one of the following addresses to receive that login information.

RCEA Association Reps and General Members Meeting

Monday, August 31, 2020 at 7:30 pm on Zoom


I. Concerns that have been addressed and met

A. Additional training for remote learning

B. Distributing iPads before the first day of school

C. Students who do not have reliable Internet access

D. Employee pay periods (with school being pushed back to Sept. 8)

E. Safety – social distancing (hybrid), masks, cleaning

F. Teachers with autoimmune vulnerabilities or caretakers of ones at home

with these autoimmune issues

G. Duty Free Lunch and Planning Periods

II. Information on current concerns and questions

A. Cleaners & Cleaning

· Teachers being asked to clean every class

· Chemicals in cleaners & safety of using them with people in room

· Not receiving cleaning supplies

B. Masks not being worn

C. Duty Free Lunch

D. Planning Periods

E. Teachers calling parents of virtual students

F. Special Ed concerns

III. Current concerns and questions to address

A. Students who become sick during the day / parents not picking them up

B. Class sizes in high schools

C. Social Distancing?

D. Others (from members)

Colleen Broyles and John Quesenberry – RCEA Co-Presidents

Jessica Morgan – Mountain Region ODS

Dale Lee – WVEA President

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