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New 1st Grade Aid Positions

RCEA recently met with the Human Resources Department and gathered the following information for members concerning the new 1st Grade Reading/Math Aids positions created by legislation passed this year.

On Monday, May 1, Raleigh County will be posting 30 new 1st Grade ECCAT positions. The first round of jobs will go to those applicants who are paraprofessionals. After those are filled, the county will repost all the remaining jobs and the selection process for the ECCAT positions will be the following order:

  1. ECCAT Seniority. ((Important, this is separate from seniority as an aid. Only the time actually spent in an ECCAT position counts toward this seniority.)

  2. Overall Seniority as an Aid.

  3. Other Service personnel employees.

The following school year, the county will be hiring new ECCAT positions for 2nd Grade.

The year after that, the county will be hiring new ECCAT positions for 3rd Grade.

Important Information on these ECCAT Positions

  • Anyone hired in an ECCAT position for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grades will be required to take 2 additional courses to be certified. You will have 2 years to complete the 2 courses (1 per year or both the first year).

  • These 2 new courses are for anyone taking a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade ECCAT position. It doesn't matter if you are a paraprofessional, already in an ECCAT position, and aid, or service professional.

  • The only people who will not have to take these 2 new additional courses are people who are already a Pre-K or K ECCAT and stay in one of those positions.

  • A person who has not served in an ECCAT position will still have to complete the previously required 3 courses in 3 years plus the 2 new ones. (5 required courses within 5 years)

Please contact RCEA or WVEA with any questions or problems that arise.

  • Your AR (Building Rep)

  • John Quesenberry (RCEA President): 304-222-0271

  • Melissa Gravely (RCEA Vice President): 304-890-5213

  • Colleen Broyles (RCEA Secretary): 304-784-9818


  • WVEA Help Line: 1-866-568-WVEA (1-866-568-9832)

  • Mike Hennessey - Director of Field Services: 1-304-932-6470

  • Ben Barkey - Help Line and Central Region:

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