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RCEA Monthly Meeting with Superintendent

The RCEA Executive Committee met with Supt. Price and his leadership team Nov. 1. Topics from members addressed included the role of employees in student fights, special education positions, the new high school semester exam attendance incentive, mentors, IEP meetings, planning period preservation, and online professional development trainings.

The executive committee expressed its appreciation for the new exemption policy for semester exams in high school. Each high school had asked for this to try to improve attendance at the secondary level.

It was made clear that while employees are supposed to do what is reasonable to manage and stop students fights, if someone is making a sincere effort to tell students to stop or sending for additional help if needed, an employee isn’t going to reprimanded if they are not throwing themselves between physically larger students at risk to their own safety. “Common sense” will be used. We are required to intervene, but not to put oneself at physical risk when the age, health, and size makes it a dangerous situation for the individual to physically try to pull the students apart.

The Central Office will stress that with the additional fifth day to prepare for school without students, online training time should be scheduled into one of the prep days to make sure there is time to complete those. Schools will also continue to be encouraged to spread IEP meeting throughout the year so that teachers are not losing excessive amounts of planning time with loads of meetings over a short period of time. We are still constrained to using planning time to schedule IEP and SAT meetings, however.

Finally, we did discuss the toilet paper quality issue throughout the county and county leaders have been made aware.

Please make sure members know – if you are told to report to the Board Office for a meeting with county administration, assume you are facing the possibility of discipline including possible suspension or job loss. You are entitled to bring a representative with you. Administrators are being reminded at their meeting this weeks to make employees aware of this when they tell an employee of a disciplinary meeting. However, we still need to make everyone aware in case someone is not told this in advance.

Welcome to Rachel McAlister, our new RCEA Treasurer and RCEA-PAC Treasurer.

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