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RCEA Officers for the Coming Year

These members were elected as officers, delegates, and executive committee members for the upcoming year at this year's elections meeting.

President - John Quesenberry

Vice President - Melissa Gravely

Secretary - Colleen Broyles

Treasurer - Rachel McAlister

Executive Committee Members:

  • Jo Frost

  • Nikki Glende

  • Randi Grossman

  • Amber Hart

  • Lisa Meador

  • Wendy Pannell-Johnson

These members were elected to represent us at the annual WVEA Delegate Assembly in Charleston, April 28-30.

  • Melissa Gravely

  • Randi Grossman

  • Amber Hart

  • Jennifer Holley

Alternates - Wendy Pannell-Johnson, Jo Frost, Nikki Glende

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