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State Dept. Guidance to Superintendents Concerning Coronavirus 19 School Shutdown

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Schools are closed for students beginning Monday, March 16, for an indeterminate amount of time. Central Offices will remain open.

All staff will report as per their contracts starting Monday, March 16. If personnel have to be absent then they are to follow their local leave policies.

Options for providing meals to students must begin March 16, unless your county has scheduled Spring Break for next week. Child Nutrition Directors have been provided guidance and a simple form to submit with the approved reimbursable options.

If ACT/SAT testing is scheduled at your school on Saturday, March 14, this can occur as scheduled.

As long as staff are working in the schools supporting students we will not have to make up days. We are continually monitoring and will make decisions regarding if and how missed instructional days will be made up depending on the length of the closure.

The WVDE will be working closely with testing contractors to extend testing windows for all students when possible.

The U.S. Department of Education will provide flexibility to states regarding testing, accountability and special education timelines.

School Building Authority construction projects may continue as scheduled.

Follow your school calendar regarding Spring Break schedules.

If counties have already prepared alternative instructional materials, send those home as soon as possible.