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RCEA Elections

Elections for Delegate Assembly and for next year's RCEA Officers will be held Tuesday, March 10th in the basement at the BOE Office at 4:30pm.

People interested in running for any of the following may email their names and offices interested in seeking to any of the emails below:

Offices Available:

President or Co-President (currently - Colleen Broyles & John Quesenberry)

Vice President (currently - Melissa Gravely)

Secretary (currently - Lesli Jarrell)

Treasurer (currently - Rachel Halstead)

Executive Committee (currently - Wendy Peters [past co-president], Sarita Beckett [past co-president], Wendy Pannell-Johnson, Jo Frost, Randi Grossman, Lisa Meador, Katie Ratcliff)

PAC Officers:

President (currently - Wendy Peters)

Vice President (currently - Sarita Beckett)

Secretary (currently - Lesli Jarrell)

Treasurer (currently - Rachel Halstead)

Running for Delegate Assembly

You may also run to be a delegate to the WVEA Delegate Assembly April 24-26 in Charleston. Delegate Assembly is the governing body for the West Virginia Education Association. They make all rules, approve the legislative agenda for the following year, and elect the organization's officers. This year, there will be elections for President, Vice President, several members of the State Executive Committee and elections on constitutional amendments.

Following the Feb. 10th elections meeting, there will be a PAC meeting to vote on the recommendations the PAC Steering Committee will send to WVEA for the primary election. All RCEA members are eligible to attend and vote in the PAC meeting.

We will also accept the names of members who are interested in serving as a Association Rep (Building Rep) for their school next year.

Raleigh County may also send representatives to the NEA Representative Assembly in Atlanta July 2-7. We will be planning a time for elections for those interested or nominated to attend the NEA RA at a later date.

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