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WVEA Legislative Update #4 (2/7/20)

WVEA's Legislative Update #4 Printable PDF

Bills seeing movement this week This week marked the halfway point for the Legislative Session. This was a busy week and you can expect things to begin moving a little more quickly from here on out.

SB 16 – Right to Unite Act: This bill would prevent anyone from being able to obtain membership lists or donor information from a 501c3. It was discussed in the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday and will now go to the House Floor.

SB 38 – Hebrew Class: This bill requires all schools provide an elective course on Hebrew Scriptures, Old Testament of the Bible or New Testament of the Bible. It passed out of the Senate Education Committee on Thursday and will now go to the Judiciary Committee.

SB 131 – Tim Tebow: This bill would allow home