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WVEA Presidents Conference Report to Members

Your RCEA Co-Presidents, Colleen Broyles and John Quesenberry, recently represented Raleigh County at this year’s WVEA President Conference. Here are notes for our members on discussions from the conference.

WVEA Survey

It was announced that WVEA will be conducting a scientific survey of members on reopening schools this fall. The survey will be sent to all members who have personal emails on file with WVEA. The information received by member input will guide WVEA’s positions and policies on safely reopening schools.

Presidents were also given results of the nationwide survey of educators conducted by the NEA.


o There were mixed opinions on the best way to safely reopen schools.

o There was skepticism among several respondents that students would be able to social distance and wear masks.

o There was a high level of willingness to take some action such as signing a petition to fight for safety precautions.

o There was a low level of support for a strike or walkout over reopening schools.

o There were mixed opinions on the effectiveness of distance learning.

o There was a large concern over significant equity gaps such as participation of students, internet access, and poverty.

o Sec. of Education Betsy Devos and President Donald Trump received poor ratings on handling the pandemic.